M.J.B. becomes a true B.O.S.S.-Sunglass Line released TODAY!

1 Oct

Mary is becoming a true BOSS CHICK.. First she was taking control of her musical career, then she released her own line of perfume on HSN, now she’s moved on to a sunglass line. GO MARY.. GET YOUR M.J.B. on…  Check out what Mary told People about her sunglass line.


Mary J. Blige has one Real Love when it comes to accessories: her sunglasses! And starting today, fans can emulate the Grammy-winner’s paparazzi-ready look with Melodies by MJBshades. “Sunglasses have always been a part of my life,” Blige exclusively tells PEOPLE. “I had to do my own line.” Inspired by “everything from the old Bond Girls to Jackie O,” the debut collection retails between $150 and $250 — featuring four styles in twenty color options! — representing different facets of the artist’s life: Showtime, Red Carpet, Incognito and The MJ’s. “Different styles tell a different story, create a different look,” explains the musical icon, who admits to owning more than 50 pairs herself. After record-breaking fragrance sales, a successful charitable designer collaboration, as well as stars like Naomi Campbell and Oprah Winfrey already rocking Melodies by MJB, we’re sure Mary’s signature shades will also turn multi-platinum! Pick up your own pair at Nordstrom.com today!

Will you be buying a pair???


One Response to “M.J.B. becomes a true B.O.S.S.-Sunglass Line released TODAY!”

  1. Keisha Reese October 1, 2010 at 9:53 am #

    I will buy a pair as soon as you post where I can find them for a bargin…You know how you do GLAMRS1…:)

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